Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Challenge: How Often Do You Scrap . . .


I started a BOM -- I'm terrible about them, I print the idea off and plan to do them, but . . . I haven't done any of them yet that I didn't have done from before!

My neighbor is a scrapper. I was talking to her today and asked her if she wanted me to take a picture of her with her dd as they were out taking pictures in the snow. She said, "Um, NO!" and I said, "I'll bet you aren't in your own scrapbooks, huh?" She laughed and said, "Not usually!" It made me think . . . then I was looking at this magazine today that Martha or Lacy sent me. Simple Scrapbooks, July/August 2007 (pg 98). I love this idea, and being the end of January, this is the perfect time for this challenge!!!

1. Take a photo of yourself. In the magazine, she takes it in the mirror. You could have someone else take it.

2. Answer these questions and put them with the photo on a LO. The idea is to do this at the end of each month, to capture what your year looked like. Little things you might forget. Here are the Questions:

1. Gift You Gave
2. Something You Apologized For
3. The Last Person You Thanked
4. The Last Movie You Watched (you could include who you watched it with)
5. The Best Meal You Cooked This Month
6. The Last Place You Ate Out
7. Something That Made You Cry
8. Something That Made You Laugh
9. The Last Person You Talked To On The Phone
10. Someone You're Thinking About Today

Don't even change the wording. Just copy and paste this into Word, fill out the answers, and print it out. You don't even need to go crazy embellishing this -- another idea is, if you did my Journaling Jogger in the recent crop, you could make the photo and answers a large tag that slides into the paper bag and have them recorded at the end of the year together. You could even chose to bind them all together later doing this. Or make it fit into a little altered tin. Whatever works for you.

I am planning on doing this in the next 48 hours. You try too. I'll post my creation here.

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