Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pampered Chef Party

Come on! You know you NEEEED some new Pampered Chef stuff! And you won't believe all the things they are discontinuing for the new catty in March! So order from my party now!!! Bwahahaha!!!

I'm hosting a Pampered Chef®
Cooking Show, and I want you to
join in the fun! You'll try innovative,
high-quality kitchen tools and learn
easy cooking and entertaining tips
that will impress your family and
friends. And you won't believe how
simple the delicious recipes are.
Plus, we get to catch up while we
shop... and eat! I can't wait to
see you!

This month, all stoneware is 20% off!!!

Your Pampered Chef® Consultant
Holly Benjamin
Your Cooking Show Information:

Show Date:
Wed 01/30/08

Ryann Lorenzen -- aka ME! :)

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Geri said...

Hey Ryann!
Hope everything is going good in your neck of the woods!!!
by the way ...
TAG - You're it (you can thank Bobbie for that!)
See my blog
for instructions.