Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In CA . . .

Well, luckily Isaiah is feeling better. I am happy to report that my parents' house went through without any significant hitches. We are slowly . . . *ahem* . . . sloooooowly . . . packing my parents' house up to move. They need to be out of here by the end of July and in their new house by August 1, and unless a natural disaster hits the house it is unlikely to happen that way. Sigh. That's okay -- the end result will be that my mom and I will be closer and I've missed having coffee with her on the weekends. The kids are so excited that both sets of grandparents will be in the same town with them. It's like Kid Heaven here on Earth! Anyway, not too much scrapbooking going on right now, but I will post more when I have something to post!


Geri said...

Glad your little one is feeling better... and I know you will enjoy being close to your Mom again ...My life is still in the air, but once things are all worked out, I'll be living right across a cow pasture from my Mom.. and having coffee together is something we both enjoy!

April said...


I LOVE all your scrapbook pages that you posted. You are so creative - great job. Good luck with helping your parents move. It will be so nice to have them close.

Love - April