Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Day at the Park

Peter and I went to the park this week with my parents and great aunt and uncle. The big kids were at school. We originally were going to the airport here in town to see the museum they have there. We couldn't go in though, as there was a WWII vetrans' meeting going on at the time. Since there is a huge plane on display at the park and I'd promised Peter we were going to go see a plane, that's where we ended up. Here are some of the pictures. You'll notice that the squirrels and seagulls aren't too scared of people. :)

We had just watched a bee crawl into a nearby rose, so he wasn't real sure about smelling this one . . .
This one he insisted he needed to smell. He was giggling.

The guys under the plane.
All worn out from all that fresh air and excitement.

This morning the kids reminded me it was school picture day. We don't buy school pictures, and I told them I'd try to take pictures of them after school, we had a practice shot before they left. Ayla said her teacher "told her she needed to curl her hair today" - uh huh. Anyway, here's those beautiful big kids!


Kylie said...

The teacher wanted her to curl her hair? Um, is it beauty school?

Love the pictures of Peter with the roses.

Tara O'Rourke said...

I love these pictures!!!

Jade said...

Peter reminds me soooo much Isaiah! Those kids have gotten so huge. I miss you guys!


ladynurse4 said...

wow, unbelievable how big the kids have gotten. they are so cute! Love those camping pics of the trees and the mountain.
Miss you guys.