Monday, December 29, 2008

After Thanksgiving . . .

It appears that I failed to take pictures of Thanksgiving! I know Sister did, so I will have to get some from her!

Some of our after Thanksgiving traditions include Black Friday shopping, and then, since we aren't already exhausted . . . heh . . . we put up the tree and start the decorating of the tree and house.

Lacy and I getting ready to go out on Black Friday -- 5:30 am in this picture.

That afternoon, spending time with D'Auntie.

Christmas village on the entertainment center.

I didn't post the pictures of us decorating. I have to admit, the kids were not being the best listeners, and I was grumpy from getting up early, so I don't really feel like posting a bunch of grumpy looking pictures! Here is the tree after we were "done." (What that means is that I "fixed" the tree after the kids' decorated so that the ornaments were a little less clumped in one area, and then I added a bunch of little fillers and the ribbon after they went to play. It also means that I added more ornaments - like my swap - after this picture was taken!) We also put up a beautiful scene of the Nativity on the wall behind the tree the next day that looks lovely.

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