Monday, December 29, 2008

Isaiah's 7th Birthday

The birthday boy at Golden Corral (we let him choose where to eat dinner - this was his first response "because they have shrimp"!) His favorite part of the evening? When they made him stand on his chair and shake the salt and pepper shakers while they sang Happy Birthday (GC Style) to him! He liked the dessert, too - although he didn't want cake and ice cream when we got home!

Isaiah's most common mantra this Birthday was, "This is *exactly* what I wanted!" Tee-hee! I think he *really* wanted everything he got this year - pretty exciting, huh? ;)

A Chocolate Dinosaur Webkinz from D'Auntie:

A real (not McDonald's) Transformer - the theme of his party, BTW, and since Uncle Adam gave me a ton of his original transformers to pass on to Isaiah, he got those for his birthday, too -- Isaiah was amazed and thrilled!

This talking Parrot - which he'd wanted last year and didn't get (because it cost 3x what it did this year!) from D'Auntie

Transformer Cake and plates.

Daddy dressed as a Transformer in the cool masks we got for the party . . .

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