Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some OLD Christmas LOs --

Since I don't have time to do this Christmas yet and I need something festive . . . :)

Peter, Christmas of 2006. This little manger was built for my MIL and usually holds Baby Jesus in a large sized Nativity my MIL has. We "tortured" the baby for a few minutes to get this picture of him in it - and he was almost too big!

Our family tradition is to get a new pair of pajamas each year for Christmas Eve. This is 2005.

2006 - Peter and those adorable little baby toes . . .

The "Hanging the stocking by the fire" pictures. James thought it would be funny to hang all the little tiny stocking that night, so they could "grow" into larger ones the next morning . . .

2007 - We couldn't afford to get new pajamas last year, so instead, I made them. Isaiah, Peter, and Isaiah's Webkinz all matched.

My sweet little girl opening her stocking and gifts, Christmas of 2005.

My posing babies 2005 - such little doll babies!

Last year - 2007 - my mom and dad got me an American Girl Doll -- Julie. I really had fun doing something different by making the tree in this LO.

2006 - Peter's first Christmas and *love* the hat!

Cute little baby and cute little tushy . . . ;)

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hepmomto3 said...

Adorable LO's!

And I personally LOVE the name Annalies (which I'm certain I am spelling wrong. LOL)