Monday, January 5, 2009

Email I sent today . . .

Here is a copy of the email I sent out today. I sent it to 3 people besides copying it to myself. Here is what it said:

Subject: Baby names if the baby is a girl . . .

This is my favorite. I've grown kinda attached to it:

Caroline. Means: (French, Scottish, English:) Song of happiness

for a middle name, I wanted something after Mom. Anieta means "little Anne" so Anne seems obvious. Here is the meaning of Anne

Anne: (English, French, Hebrew:) Variant of Hebrew Hannah meaning Favor. Grace.

I also like the idea of putting Anne with something else, forming a longer middle name. this is still a "possible" idea. I like Annabelle (Belle after Grandma Zola Belle) but don't want the kids to think we are naming a baby after the cow . . . lol!

Belle means: (French:) Fair; lovely one.

I also like Annaliese: (Hebrew:) Grace or devoted to God

I guess I'd like the middle name to have 3 syllables, so that AylaRaye Amberlyn and Caroline Annaliese or Caroline Annabelle (or something similar) both have 3 syllables in first, middle, and last names - the whole "Trinity Symbolism" . . .

any opinions or ideas?

So . . . Here are the responses I got:

From Mom:
I absolutely love your choices and I am so happy you have the meanings of them too!!! I wrote down Caroline AnnaBelle--thinking of the connection of the generations but wouldn't want the kids to think it was after a cow!! lol on my part too. What ever you should choose the baby will be happy to have a name!! (Most kids think their name is 'NO NO NO' anyway)!!! I think it sounds so natural to have a Sweet Caroline! It is really beautiful. The generations also includes Aunt Carrie and not just grandma Zola and me but you, my dear girl!!! Wow, in one name.
We will accept anything she comes with. Maybe the Lordhas planned a brother for Peter. We will wait and see.

From Sister:
I really like Caroline Annaliese, it sounds really pretty together. I had always thought Annabelle or Annabella were really pretty but the cow may ruin it. But...if you do use it you could do AnnaBelle or AnnaBella to make it similar to AylaRaye.

Both are really thoughtful, nice responses. Now for my DH - Introducing DH's "great" sense of humor! ;) (Drum roll, please . . . )

DH's response:
Well, let's see . . . .
Caroline . . .
Anne . . .
Annabelle . . .
Belle is kind of like Beau . . .
So how about Caroline and Anne to make Carolanne
Anne and Beau for AnnaBeau
Or just putting them all together for:
I Love You!

Isn't he just *so* helpful???


Kylie said...

CaraBou is better than Belle the cow how?

When I think of the name Belle I think of Beauty and the Beast and Disney Princesses, not cows!

I hope the baby is a girl, but if you consider CaraBou, we might have to stage an intervention!

Aleta said...

LOL - now you know no matter what you name her (are you sure its a her) her nickname will be Carabou! LOL!

ladynurse4 said...

funny about the nickname!

i vote for Caroline Annaliese