Monday, March 2, 2009

26 Word Challenge

These words are from this site:

I posted this as a challenge on our OSU site. Here are some of my interpretations:
1. neighbor - this is our sweet neighbor who babysat the other night for us. Love her!!!

2. unfamiliar - Peter did NOT like new foods - until he got used to them! - this was green beans.

3. mess (This is the horrible clutter that sits on my kitchen counter most of the time . . . sigh.)

4. information - for a scrapbooker, this kind of information is GREAT to have! :) (Especially when it's in English! lol!)

5. change - not the most creative interpretation, but DST is coming up!

6. everything - still looking for this photo.

7. company - This was a lot of my favorite company - all in Texas for my birthday. What a great weekend and wonderful memory. Hey, girls! My birthday is a week from today! When are you getting here???

8. twin - "I remember one day in my junior or senior year of high school, Mom had taken us to McDonald's or some fast food place, and in the quiet of the moment, she held up two little french fries and said, "TWINS!" We were all sitting at the table giggling so hard at the silliness of it all, that we had tears in our eyes. But somehow, it damaged me. Yep. I'm scarred. Because somehow . . . it became an OBSESSION! Now, any candies I eat, M&M's, Skittles, even Smarties, not to mention french fries, have to be eaten in twos. Little TWINS. All the time."

9. warning - seriously. Don't bring your semi - automatic weapons into the pizza place after these hours, okay?

10. odd -Isaiah's 7th birthday. No, he's not odd, the birthday number was! lol!

11. decadent - still looking for *just* the right photo here.

12. in the distance -okay, this one is really funny. When Lacy was little, Mom was really into "getting the scenery in the shot" so she was always having Lacy "back up a little more, a little more, a little . . . there!" and we have all these pictures of Lacy that you can't even see her in! So when I saw this shot that Lacy took of Mom with all the scenery, I had to laugh! Here she is, in the distance! ;)
13. crowded - just a little glimpse of the Spurs game I went to (one of them) - yeah, a little crowded!

14. eyes -These Eyes . . . *are going through a phase that thinks, "Look at the camera" means, "close your eyes."*sparkle with mischief when you think of something new to try - that you really shouldn't.*at one time, when you were still very small, were unable to see. Your dad and I realized around the same time that you couldn't see that we were standing right next to you. But through a series of accidents, just three days after we noticed you couldn't see, your vision was restored. These eyes are a miracle.

15. green - My Grandma June used to make this Green Jello Salad every holiday or family function. Even now that she has passed away, it is a tradition that I love - Mom makes sure we have it now - and even when we make it with different colored Jello, we still call it "Green Jello."

16. entrance - Ayla at the entrance to Part Day Preschool when we lived in Germany.

17. cross - These are three of the stages of the cross, hanging in a cathedral in Germany.

18. sunset - I guess this is more of a "cloudy, stormy day" but it reminds me of my Grandpa Pete (whom Peter is named for) - the way the rays of light are shining down, reaching to earth from heaven to hug us.

19. leftovers - BTW, I had just told my sister these had been sitting in the fridge too long and needed to be dumped. My husband ATE them right after that. Yep, gross!!! (He didn't know they needed to be thrown out.)

20. different - in Texas, things are different. And at Spurs games, one of those things are the ladies' room door signs!

21. big things - Okay, I don't drink wine, but when the Heidelburg Castle guide told us this was the former king's "Small Wine Barrel" I simply had to take this picture! The other one, which was significantly larger, I couldn't get a good picture of, it was too dark in the room. But everyone paid a wine tax and it all got poured in to the barrels.

22. frozen - This picture was taken in January 2007 - in TEXAS! Who knew San Antonio could get this cold??? It was a surprise to many people, actually! The kids got a great homeschool lesson on icicles that winter! lol!

23. line up - I actually had another picture for this one with one of my best friend's kids in it, but since I haven't asked her about posting it, I'll post this other option I chose between. This is at the Sonoma Theater (Sebastiani) last summer when we went to see WALL-E.

24. tube - my dare-devil boy, who always was jumping off, climbing up, and getting into stuff, got halfway through this play structure tube, then decided he didn't "wanna" do it anymore!

25. bed - these are the cute little bunk beds we got the kids when we lived in Germany. Isaiah was SO proud to have a Big Boy Bed, and even got Bob the Builder sheets and comforter. And he only hung off the top, never (that I know of!) did he jump off!!!

26. in season - this fruit was while we were in CA, summer of 2007 - even looking at it now makes my mouth water! (Maybe I'm just hungry . . . !)


Jen said...

I LOVE your interpretations! #9 seriously cracked me up!! (BTW my kitchen counter tends to look like that too - sigh....) ;)

Geri said...

My entire scraproom looks like that corner of your kitchen counter... great job on the photos... I wish I would have thought in the same direction for TUBE... I have a ton of photos similar... I just drew a blank!

Auntie Em said...

LOL the ladies room sign is too funny!!!

Amber Rose said...

What a fun challenge. And you did such a great job on it. Not that I'm at all surprised. Nice work!