Friday, August 14, 2009

Another 26 Things . . .

A few months ago, I posted a challenge that I found on another site. My way of thinking of it is that it's a "practice in photo journalism" challenge. They give a list of words and you are supposed to take 1 picture of each. As a scrapbooker, I make an additional challenge of using the photo and the word for a LO. This time around, I am using more than 1 photo on a LO to show my complete idea. That wouldn't qualify for the "one word" challenge on the site, but on a LO, think of the main photo as the "one photo" challenge, and any other pics as "supporting" photos. This weekend is OSU's weekend crop, and this is one of the challenges I am hostessing. I am posting my photos here, with my journaling ideas, in the hopes that these will all become LOs someday soon!

These words are from this site:

The words were updated from when I last checked, as was the whole site. The list we are working with is from last month, I suppose. Kind of a bummer, but still, a fun challenge!

sound - James makes a good one on his horn, as well as my "support photos" showing the rest of the group - a good sound together!

press - Nathanael's face to mine - Baby Kisses!

turn - the crank to change the tire - the kids' first time "helping" change a tire! They now have more experience than I do with this!

label - gotta love that Starbuck's label!

wheels -both kids got new bikes for Christmas and are learning to ride.
silence - Jerry and Shawna Silence - some new friends who are helping me with my new business.

new - baby, life, family member

old - the shirt my dad wore as a kid. Isaiah and now Peter have both worn it.

list - my Mother's Day list: Breakfast in Bed, Ayla's Sunday School Program, Dinner I didn't have to make, Ice Cream Cake

creep (still looking for this picture)

stand off - Ayla playing against another soccer team this season

admiration - my mom and dad and their new grandbaby
mess - this is a baby shower game we played - 5 diapers with different candy bars melted in each one, you guess the candy bars. Looks pretty realistic, huh? But the bad thing is, you really want to taste the candy to figure out what kind it is. No, I didn't! LOL!
always - someone is ALWAYS making a face or not looking in family portraits . . . ! (try clicking on the picture to see close ups, these are fabulous!)

half (thinking about this one.)
strings - bass and piano in the band DH is in "Four Old Friends"
hallway - Peter helpin' Daddy finish the floors in the front hallway closet.

grand - at Ayla's birthday party they made these "Grand Masks" - well, they thought they were grand!
graffiti - I guess I was thinking more of "tag" - the "mark" someone leaves. This is a mural I just finished in the kids' playroom. It's something that identifies me - my artistry, what I love doing, and adding a sense of "play" to a room.

juicy instrument - seriously. have you ever sat near a trombone player during rehearsal? tell me that this isn't the "juiciest" instrument - right after they clear the spit valve near your foot!!! Ewww!

logo - Moxie Java - love that logo!

on the horizon - something new is definitely on the horizon for my sister's life! I'm excited to see what!

yawn - just the beginning of one, but oh, so cute! :D

bump - really, need I explain? lol!

macro (this is most challenging)


Geri said...

Love the photos... Did you ever find creep? That one came fast to me. I never did get juicy instrument. I loved this challenge and may use this idea from time to time to motivate me to journal more. Journaling is my weak area, so thank you for the boost!

Tara O said...

Great job Ry! Juicy instrument? the only thought I have on that one well...never mind.

creep....ivy creeping down a wall......