Monday, June 11, 2012

Got Glue?

I signed up for an online class with my BFF recently.  The class is with Creative Passion and is teaching Smash Book ideas.  Previously, we had to get our supplies together and I made this book.

 We have a binding machine, so I put some scrappy paper, envies, folders, paper bags, and some page protectors together to make something "unique" for myself.  Today, I watched last week's videos and tried the techniques.  Here is what I've done so far.

This is the inside cover.  I used the page protector here so I can keep tags and journal spots and things I like that I might want to add in.

This is the "oil pastel" technique.  The page on the right is the oil pastels.  My box is from the 80's.  I don't know if they get old or what, my box says "use a wet brush to blend" leading me to believe they were water soluable.  They didn't blend.  The page on the left is when I tried the same idea using my water color pencils.  I also then used a slick writer to make doodles on the page.  It reminded me of a scrap quilt, so I made "stitching" between the colors.
If you click on this one, you may be able to see the "stitches" better. The left side is definitely more blended!

 This is the "paint with a credit card" technique. I tried to use colors that were in my papers the first time.  After my DH degraded me (:p) and said it looked like Basic Grey, I redid it.  He was way too close to being right!  ;) Now I like it better, and it matches the right side better.

This is the spray/stencil technique.  I used Smooch spritzers from SU!  I used a template and stickers.  Then, as Tami suggested, "don't waste the spray on the stencil" I laid the wet stencil on another page and the stickers on the facing page.

 Thanks for looking!


Tara O said...

bahahahaha @ hubby for degrading you!! Too stinking funny. Maybe it DOES look a little like BG (mine, not yours) but I like it.

Missus Wookie said...

BG? Yeah for dh for knowing what BG is, recognizing the style and knowing it's not cool :rofl:

Fun to see you playing - hope you have fun. Oil pastels don't usually disolve in water but do usually smoosh together a bit I remember. Havne't used 'em in ages tho' sorry.