Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Few More LOs

Here is little DS #1. What a doll baby! I was experimenting with my new Cricut on this LO. I used clear transparency, but "GQ" with Base Camp, and added the glitter onto the letter by spreading glue on a stamp and then adhering the glitter. I was excited with the results. The little hearts were metal, I covered them with EP.

A Story of Salvation is a LO I did after DD accepted Christ as her personal Savior last summer. It isn't the most "perfect" LO, but I was able to include the pictures she drew when she asked questions about sin and hell. I was so blessed to be able to experience that day with her that her name was written in The Book of Life.

This is one of those "quick" LOs. But it's important to me because it's the motto I came up with a while ago. Here's the journaling: I started saying this about a year and a half ago. I’d heard about a story of a woman who started using the “good China” on everyday occasions – when her daughter lost a tooth, her son got an A on a test, etc. She said that any day with your family should be a day to celebrate. I started thinking about how many pictures I take during the holidays or on a family vacation. I thought about how I am slower to anger, and let more things slide when I’m sitting in front of the Christmas tree and my kids misbehave. I decided I needed to stress less, and make every day special. The memories my kids will have the “most” of are the everyday ones, so shouldn’t those ones be the ones that are “worth scrapbooking”? I try to remember this when I’m feeling stressed, doing too much for other people, and shorting my family of their time. I try to think of something special I can do with my kids today – even if that’s just laying on my belly on the floor and coloring in an old coloring book, or just sitting down and watching a movie without doing something else at the same time.
Make the time and memories you have with your family count."

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