Tuesday, April 3, 2007

LOs About Me!

Journaling reads, "I am Ryann Lorenzen. I was born Anieta Ryan Tock. I met my husband on 7 March, 1996 at a Christian college in Idaho. We were engaged just 2 months later, and married 22 August 1998. I was always a home town Momma’s girl, and never left the area I was from until I went to college. After we wed, we moved from CA to PA, then to NV, finally settling in Idaho. In 8 months. I was somewhat traumatized. So I insisted that we find a place to live, and buy a home. James was more than happy to do that. So we found a little dream cottage and settled down. I became a mother and an Army wife within 10 days of each other.
Who am I? I am a mother. I have 3 children right now – AylaRaye, Isaiah, and Peter. We hope to have one more child. I love homeschooling my children, watching them learn in school and in life. I love teaching them about Christ. My greatest mission is to raise my children to know they are loved by God, and wonderfully made.
I am a wife. I have been married to the man God chose for me for almost 9 years. We have had ups and downs like anyone. But he has taught me to think for myself, have more confidence in myself, and how to better communicate. He has also helped me learn more about my walk with Christ.
I am a scrapbooker. I love to craft with paper, but most especially, I love to capture the everyday moments of my family. I enjoy creating in a way that is unique to me, and that I have found something that I feel I am good at. I love the social aspect of scrapping, but I love the longevity of it as well.
I am currently not a licensed driver. I am almost 34 years old and I haven’t ever had my driver’s license. This is frustrating at times, but it usually bothers other people more than it does me. I guess it’s a hang up I’m willing to “overcome” because primarily it bothers James. I don’t want to bother James.
I am not confident in myself. Okay, rephrase. I am not as confident in myself as I’d like to be. I don’t think I am pretty, although I somehow have managed to fool my husband into believing that I am attractive. I don’t think I’m exceptionally good at anything that I enjoy doing. James thinks I am better at scrapbooking than I think I am. So do several other people. I would believe it more if I was published or I had made the Design Team for ScrapGoods again last year, or if I had classes and people wanted to attend them, but none of those things are true, so I still don’t believe it.
I liked my hair for the majority of my life. I always believed it was my best feature. But now I have come to the realization that I am no longer blonde. And as a matter of fact, not only am a brunette, I am going gray! I don’t know what I think about that. Right now, it’s a bit of a shock and somewhat funny. But in a few months I might not think it is so funny. I think that day will come sooner than I think it will.
I think I am an easy person to get along with. I tend to be the mediator. The neutralizer. I don’t care for confrontation, and I tend to smooth things over with others as much a possible. But . . . at the same time, when I see an injustice or wrong doing, I have a bad habit of telling people they are wrong. I don’t let people hurt themselves or others if I can help it. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will ever change. Or maybe that’s “fortunately.” I’m not sure. But I know that I am dangerous with my words when I am angry, and that tends to hurt people more than help. That’s the part I’m working on.
I love to tell others about Christ. What He’s done in my life. What He can do in yours or others’. I have a very strong sense that I am called to share God’s love with others. I have been on mini mission trips, and plan to keep doing them for many years.
I am a good friend. I am dependable and kind. I try to be careful not to break trusts and not to come across judgmental. I chose my friends carefully, and tend to become very close to the few friends I have. I appreciate each one of my friends for the unique qualities they have, and enjoy spending time with them individually or together.
I am a sister. I have a brother who would help me out in a jam, and whom I pray for constantly that he will take care of his health, find a singularly fantastic woman to marry and be happy with, and hope he has a wonderful life. I have a sister who is my best friend and greatest allay. I would have a baby for her. I love to spend the day quietly scrapping, or being rowdy and laughing until my stomach hurts and I need to go to the bathroom. I love making memories with my sister.
Quarks. I have a few. I am teased about the way I laugh. I use all the vowels. I like M&Ms. I have to eat them in pairs, by color. I can’t stand wrinkles in the bed. I make the bed in the middle of the night while be husband is sleeping if I feel wrinkles. But that’s only if I’m being excessively obsessive. I can taste paprika. I can deal cards with one hand. When I say the sound “M” my nose bends down. I don’t like Taco Bell or tuna, except when I’m pregnant. I don’t like to match socks. "

This one is actually about DH's love for me, but that's about me, right??? Journaling is insidethe little "mugs" on the left. (Tags pull out with the cinnamon sticks on the tags.) Will post journaling later.

Life's Love Lessons: "I have had many opportunities over the years to learn about love. Growing up, I learned about unconditional love from my sister, Lacy. She loved me when I was unloveable, when I made big mistakes in my life, and when one of us was hurting. I learned a lot about parental love from her, too, as I ended up being her “other mom” for many years. In college, I dated a guy for a while who tried to commit suicide. From him, I learned a very valuable lesson about the love of a friendship. I had to choose whether to help him hide the fact that he had tried to kill himself so no one would know, or to try to get him some help, even if it meant I would break his trust and possibly lose him as a friend. I chose to get him help, and I lost his friendship forever. But I still think I made the right choice, and I still wonder what happened to him. From my husband, James, I learned that love is not just a feeling, it’s a choice. I learned that you love people more when they are unloveable. I learned that love is something you have to decide to keep doing, and sometimes, learn to stop doing. From my kids, I learned about parental love like never before. I’ve learned that being a parent makes you vulnerable, like wearing your life on your sleeve. I’ve learned that all I want to do is protect my children, but that sheltering them from all of life’s hurts doesn’t teach them that I love them, only that I’m scared for them. I’ve learned that love isn’t romance and it isn’t lust. It’s a decision to do what is best for the people involved by supporting them in the right choices."

Any time is the right time for Jammies! I love to feel cozy. I can't wait until we live in a cooler climate so I can wear jammies more comfortably than here in the "second hottest place on earth" (next to Iraq.) I used bling and clock hands for the time element, and a heart of primas and other flowers from my stash. George on the Cricut for the title. I lifted this for a challenge.

ScrapGoods sent this scratch art kit fall of 2006. This was my first attempt to try the technique. I guess I chose the right kit club -- the one for the "obsessed scrapbooker"! If you go there, tell them "Isaylasmom" sent you!

All I wanted for Christmas . . . I got the Bug! My Cricut! This was a lift from a magazine, can't remember which. Not the traditional colors I'd use for Christmas, but considering the topic, seems right to me! LOL!
This LO was made last month, just a few days after my birthday. I went a little crazy and bought myself some *yummy* Daisy D's paper!!! Oh, I LOVE it!!! (DD is some of my favorite paper e-v-e-r!) I added some BG rub-ons, flowers from my stash, and chipboard letters for the finished product. DH gave me 2 cards for my birthday, since he couldn't choose which one to give me, and he bought me an earpiece that works with both my cell and the home phone. He also got me a screen door. :eye roll: Men! (I love the door, really, I DO -- but I can't even take it with me when we move, so it's not really a gift for me, it's more of a gift for the house!)

This is a TOTAL and COMPLETE scraplift from Daisy D's. (I used a different set of papers, but anyway . . . ) I used words that I think describe me. The hardest part for me was using the word "beautiful." DH always tells me I am. He calls me that. I have a hard time using that word to describe myself. But I'm working on it.

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