Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Life's Little Loops . . .

We have experienced many loops (bumps) in life lately. It keeps us busy. It keeps us from remembering the little things. I decided to stop and post anyway because if I wait until I have time, I might not post much! lol!

Peter turned 1! I will give him his own post in a minute.

My Grandmother (on my father's side) passed away. She is deeply missed.

My hubby is still looking for work. He had an offer to teach music in Boise. It was a great offer, but not what God intended, apparently, as the teacher he was replacing decided to come back.

We have a few more feet of flooring done. We have a whole room and half the hall still to do.

I have applied for a job I don't want in the hopes of having enough money to buy more food and lessen my guilt for buying my ScrapGoods kit. It will go next if something doesn't change.

Peter has been sick, twice in 3 weeks. Part of me wonders how much has to do with his 4 1-yr-old molars coming in, and how much has to do with allergies and climate change . . .

The military seems to be having problems "finding" James in the computer right now. Which means that currently we don't have insurance. See prior post . . .

I got to see my Mom, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin for Peter's birthday. That was wonderful. I'm redoing my kitchen (with all my extra money -- so reality is, Mom and Lacy are helping me redo my kitchen! lol! ) to have browns and burgandy and coffee cups -- a little like a cafe'. I'm liking it a lot! :)

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