Tuesday, August 7, 2007


well, it's been a long move. we are FINALLY in Idaho! woo-hoo! I am currently unpacking, but there is so much involved in that . . . the house isn't quite live-able yet. we had to remove all the upstairs carpets and clean under them. we have to paint. we are going to put in new floors soon. then we can actually move in to our bedrooms! lol. right now we are living in the basement, and the kids' dressers are in the kitchen! but it's an adventure every day. and that's how I am looking at it! :)

I have tons of pictures to post -- once I can find the camera's USB cable. my card is almost full, so I hope soon!

And my Captain, Knave, from PP is missing! Knave, where are you, mate? a month is quite a long vacation! lol

anyway, more, when I'm not cleaning things up and unpacking. see you in November? lol!

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Tara O'Rourke said...

You better come around before NOVEMBER. LOL!!!