Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A New Day

Today is a better day than yesterday. Yesterday, a "well-meaning" friend said some really dumb things that hurt me pretty badly -- all in the name of "comforting" me through this difficult time of loss. Granted, I am super sensitive right now. Granted, they were 2 males, one of whom has never had kids. Granted, I just didn't need it right now. So I got hurt. But, today is a better day. I found my old buddies on Puzzle Pirates -- I usually play on Midnight Ocean -- but I went to Ice and saw them there. On Midnight Ocean, I use the name "Petisayla" (all 3 of my kids' names combined,) but on Ice, I use "Maggotpie"! lol! The whole crew there are "Filthy Beasts" and you have to have a nasty name to be part of the crew. lol. My rat's name is "Hershey Squirt" - the captain laughed a good while over that. lol! And my war cry is "Calamariii!" So if you see me there, say "hoy" and we'll play a few games. :) I have been working on my ATC's that are due at the end of the month, and I am waiting on an order to come in so I can finish a mini ablum I need to do. I also have several trading pages LOs to work on, and I am looking forward to getting those done. I have them printed out already.

James has been working on a lesson for Sunday School. It looks pretty good. I like that he asks me to edit and read over what he's got, and asks for input on things he may have left out. It's not a real big deal, but it's the first time they've asked us to do a lesson, so we are taking it pretty seriously, and with a lot of excitement. :)

Peter is growing so much. And that's great. But I can't believe how quickly! Isaiah was so small for so long, and Peter is wearing things that are bigger than his age, whereas Isaiah wore them 6 months to a year after he was "supposed" to.

I talked to my best friend, April, today. She has been fighting cancer. How is it possible that someone I've known my whole life, and who is only 4 hours older than me, could have cancer? They removed her thyroid and many of the lymph nodes in that area. Please pray for her healing and recovery. They say it looks good right now, and she only needs 1 radiation session. They don't know if it has spread anywhere else in her body. I pray not.

Sunday, a guy from the local computer shop dropped by and brought me all the files that I had lost from my laptop. Lane had gotten many of them, but he couldn't get a lot of things like Peter's milestones and some other things. I am glad to have them all. I uploaded all the photos to my harddrive and will be putting all the photos onto Walgreen's soon. That was another good part of the weekend.

Well, Peter is crying. He wants to nurse. Only once at night and once in the morning, now, but what will he do when I stop? Poor guy, doesn't know what's coming. I plan to be completely done by 1 March. Then I will feel completely "free" when I go to Disneyland a week later! :) Off to take care of the boy.

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