Monday, March 31, 2008

Okay, Easter Pictures!

Good Friday we read the whole Easter story from the Bible. We did coloring pages while we listened.

The older kids and I took "communion" after reading that part of the story.

The kids enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt at the park behind the fire station. As you can tell, it was a little chilly out there!

And an Easter Egg Hunt at Home so we could reread the story of the Resurrection using the Resurrection Eggs.

Some of the story pieces from the eggs: The Donkey that Jesus rode on, fulfilling prophecy, 30 pieces of silver Judas betrayed Jesus for, Cup from the Last Supper, Crown of Thorns,3 nails to the cross, and the empty egg representing the Empty Tomb.
(There are 6 others as well.)

The baby got into some chocolate from one of the other eggs in the hunt. Then he wanted to open them ALL!

Getting into their Easter Baskets Sunday Morning - Ayla and Isaiah got camping lanterns, to remind that Jesus is the Light of the World, Peter got Son-glasses!

Then I had to take a few pictures of the kids all together on Sunday morning before church. (Of course!)

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