Monday, September 15, 2008

Camping Trip 1st and 2nd

We camped at Horsethief Reservoir, near Cascade. Here are some pictures of our first trip - over Labor Day weekend - and second trip - last weekend.

Here, the kids and James are setting up the tent. I *did* help, but James wanted the kids to really be part of the team, so I took a few pictures to stay out of the way. ;)

Ayla, learning to use the hammer properly, to sink the stakes and not smash Daddy's fingers . . .

Isaiah was watching Daddy so he could try next.

The finished product - our temporary new home. It has 2 rooms when we put up the divider.

Mommy and Ayla at the campfire.

Mommy with Isaiah - cuddly jacket he has!

Ayla roasting her very first marshmallow! (on a pine stick!)

Isaiah's first experience with roasting a marshmallow.

Aaahhhh! The perfect S'More!!! Yummy!!!

James went camping with a great perspective - he wants to learn how to survive off of the land. This was the first lesson he taught us - he found unopened pine cones and threw them into the fire. After they had cooked for a while, he dug them out and opened them up. We all enjoyed the flavor of the smoked pine nuts! Another YUMMMM!

The kids in their bags on their very first Campout!!!

Here is our second trip. The first thing the kids noticed about our second camp site was that it was crawling, jumping, and flying with grasshoppers. They kept telling me about a Bible story where "John ate grasshoppers with honey!" and something about a girl in their Sunday School class who did, too? Hmmm . . . ("what are the DOING in Sunday School?", mom wonders!)

After we got camp set up, Ayla took her pole and started fishing right away. She was hungry and wanted lunch! She didn't waste much time, either, as she was the first one to catch a fish! Happy girl!

Never to be outdone, Isaiah was watching Daddy clean Ayla's fish while trying to catch his own. Sure enough, before Ayla's could be gutted, Isaiah landed his own! It was about 2 inches bigger than Ayla's. Quite proud of himself, he was!

"We caught fish! We caught fish! We caught fish!"

The next morning, before many people had gotten up around us, I walked down the jetty and spend some quite time. I took about 100 pictures of the lake, fog, ducks, plants, and reflection. Here are a few that I really like.

This one just looks mysterious to me . . .

This duck was quite a ways from me, and was the center of my camera's attention for a long time. He went in to hiding later.

This cattail stand is where a bunch of ducks were hiding. I watched a few land on the lake and swim into here. I could hear babies, too. James used the cattails as our second survival training food. He has found that digging up the roots out of the mud provides a rather tasty vegetable type food, as well as a root that can be ground into flour. The shoots taste a lot like hiccama, but not quite as crunchy.

I love the way this boat seemed to float above the water. The fog obscured the reflection in such a way as to make them seem like they were levitating.

This one I think I like the most. I love how the fog makes the reflection of the mountain look.

Thinking of Tara - here's "proof that I was there"! ;)

If you stop here to get washed up and some grub after camping all weekend, ya might be a redneck.

And, yes, we did . . .


Martha ~ xpetunia said...

EXCELLENT PICTURES! I almost feel like I was there with you guys. Thanks for posting!!! :)

Craig said...

Those are excellent pictures Ry - the last one is truly gorgeous! Where's Peter?

Kylie said...

Whoops - just realised I've been leaving messages on everyone's blogs as "Craig" - I logged into gmail to check something on his email for him.

Rest assured that there isn't some weirdo stalking your youngest child Ryann. It's me!!!!

Ryann said...

Peter stayed at his grandparents' house (my mom and dad.) I have only just started relaxing with Ayl and Isaiah around the fire -- and that's not easy with 2 kids who like to fight but don't like to pay attention to their surroundings. Peter gets to come when the rest of us know what we're doing and I can relax a little more! lol! Besides, this way I get to read! :D

hepmomto3 said...

How fun!!! Looks like you all had a great time.

Missus Wookie said...

Oh looks like you had a great time. S'mores are fun however you make 'em (we made scientific ones recently :lol:)

Martha ~ xpetunia said...

Hey girl - I tagged you over at my blog, check it out!!! :)