Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday, Baby, Boys, the 4th, and a Bunch of LOs!

So I haven't posted in FOREVER . . .between Ayla's birthday, the end of school, having a new baby, and keeping my head above water, it seems I've run out of time for blogging lately!!!
Ayla turned 9! We had a butterfly themed party, had dinner at Applebee's, and had Ayla's first sleepover that she hosted. Here are a few pictures:
On the last day of school the kids get to do a "Field Day" - here are a few pictures of that. I didn't get to stay the whole time - I'd been to the Dr. that morning and my blood pressure was up so I
didn't want to sit in the heat. (But how nice that it was warm - last year for Field Day, Ayla was still wearing her winter coat!)

Due to the high blood pressure thing, the Dr. decided I needed to be induced. The very next day! So Nathanael is the only of my 4 kids who was not only NOT overdue, but so early he still had vernix on him! 9 days early! What a difference those days make! He was actually my smallest baby, at 7 lbs 7 oz, and he was born (from induction to birth) in 3 hours 15 minutes. He was face up, so there was a lot of back labor, but he turned just in time for delivery to make his appearance! He is a beautiful baby, and sleeps and eats really well. He is growing SO fast, too!

Now, a few random pictures of my boys:

This is the first Independence Day we have spent in Idaho since Ayla was 1! We had a "time to establish some new traditions" kind of 4th. We went to the Town of Marsing for their parade. It was smaller than Sonoma's, and no band, but it was still pretty good! I missed the Hometown Band. James said that next year he has some ideas for the parade . . . After the parade, we came home and had a huge family BBQ. It was wonderful! I enjoyed playing hostess at my house. That night, we were going to go to Caldwell for their fireworks. I was too tired to go, and was disappointed with myself for not going. They have it at Simplot Stadium and it is set to music. But this year there was quite an uproar in the community. The show lasted 9 minutes. That's it! There was an article in the paper about how upset everyone was. James took Ayla and Isaiah up on the roof and they watched Marsing's display from there. Here are a few 4th pics:

Last, but not least . . . well, the least exciting of these things, I suppose . . . some LO's I've managed to do in the last few months: (There are several that I haven't had time to scan and stitch still!)

And a card I made for this month's OSU card challenge:


Scrappy said...

I love love love love the picture of you looking at the baby! So sweet! Alya's butterfly party looked cute. The cupcakes are beautiful!

Jen said...

Great pictures!!!

Geri said...

Those cupcakes look yummy! Now I am craving something cakey! I think I said this on a post on OSU, but I think those sailor pics of Peter are just to darn precious!

Tricia said...

Fun pictures! Looks like Ayla had a super birthday.