Friday, November 18, 2011

New Christmas Stockings

1. With 2 pieces of fabric back to back, lay a stocking you already have over them, and trace/cut around the stocking, leaving about an inch all the way around of extra fabric. Cut 2 coordinating pieces of fabric as lining using the stocking as a pattern.

2. Cut 2 strips for the top 7”x11” and lay 2 scrap pieces over the heel and toe. Flip the stocking over and trace the toe and heel on the fabric. Cut.

3. Use these toe and heel pieces for patterns if you are making more than one stocking.

4. Lay one lining, stocking half, and topper folded in half with the stocking half facing up.

5. Yes, you want the doubled topper on the bottom. This is so when you turn your stocking, the topper hides your sewing.

6. Top stitch your heel and toe onto the stocking using a zig zag stitch. Do any decorative embellishments at this stage, too. I used ¼ yd of directional fabric for some of the stockings, so I used lace to cover the stitching.

7. After you stitch the topper, you may find that it is larger than the stocking. Trim it down at this point. I used the 2 inches I cut off for the hanger.

8. I then turned the hanger inside out.

9. With right sides together, stitch from the top of the stocking, all the way around, starting from the toe side of the stocking, ending where you will sew in the hanger.

10. Stitch the loop as you finish going around the stocking so it is very secure and can hold the weight of all those goodies!

11. Do NOT close the sides of the topper yet.

12. Turn the whole stocking right side out. Sew both sides of the topper, being sure not to sew the hanger into the seam!

13. Here are all those stockings after they’re done! (The first one was from a different year!)


Tara O said...

You mean you didn't forget your bloggy address? LOL

Great stockings!

Geri said...

Oh these came out sooo cute! Love the easy to follow tut!
I am sure these will be treasured by your kids for years to come!

Missus Wookie said...

I'm with the T (in more ways than one) delighted to see a post in my reader. These are wonderful.... wanna make some for me? ;) I'll get inspired and have the time/energy one day!