Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby Scrapbooks

I love designing baby scrapbooks for my friends and family. The first one I ever made was for my cousin, Suzy's baby, Micky. Since then, I have played and played and made the designs more and more my own. I have made them for several friends from church, Elena got two!, Becky got one for Troy, I need to make one for Lisa's Natalie, Sheena's baby got one, and I am working on one for Lacy's new little man. I am excited I am able to use my stash for such a great, appreciated gift! :)

Now, if only I would remember to take pictures of the pages when I'm done . . . ! ;)


Geri said...

oh yea... take some photos! I made Lilly a baby book and Katie a pregnancy book... plus I have books at almost every stage of her life... of course she just made one so I should probably slow down a little... they'll have to rent a storage unit to keep all the books LOL
Glad you are enjoying your creative time.

Geri said...

Hey Stranger!

Hope all is well in your life! Come visit at OSU... you have been missed!