Saturday, September 7, 2013

Some new Stuff - - -

First of all - Wow!

Life has been so exciting and such a blessing!  We have been "in the works" on so many changes in our lives!  Ayla turned 13 - yes, that's big!  The boys are busy, busy boys.  James has been going through many changes in his work responsibilities.  And life is good.

The kids started school -
6th and 1st (at a local charter school)
 Preschool and 8th (both homeschooled)

Ayla and I canned some Apricot Jam this year - I think I did it wrong - I think it will be more of a lumpy syrup, but it tastes great on pancakes!!! LOL!

The two big kids got tested for allergies.  Turns out all of our excitement with Ayla stepping on things in the yard this past year is finally explained!  Bees!!!

And Isaiah - just about everything else!!!

And we got a determination that Isaiah has a bone cyst and has to have surgery because the ball of his socket is empty.  They are doing a bone graft!

I was blessed, a few weeks ago, to be able to go to Salt Lake City with James to enjoy our 15th anniversary.  We were planning a trip to Salt Lake for a business trip, so we celebrated our anniversary at the same time.  It turned out to be a great time for us to spend together. 

I created a Scrapbooking Tool.  It is a board game.  A game that will allow scrapbookers to stay focused and get more done in the time they have to craft, by giving challenges, sketches, and prompts to the player.  Scrapbooking while playing is the point of the game! 

Joey - the logo/mascot - lives in a pouch, right?  Well, each challenge space on the board has a pouch that aa "Joey Challenge" card slides in to.  The industry is always changing - this pouch allows the game to keep up with the trends of scrapbooking, without becoming obsolete by the next CHA!  ;)

While we were there, we met with an amazing company.  I am crossing my fingers that we become more than acquaintences in the near future!  Time will tell!  I have several companies with whom I am following up.

And the car in the lot I thought by brother would appreciate! 

We stayed in several different hotel rooms while we were on our trip.  Some of my favorites were:

Jungle Safari - this was a painting on the wall.  The elephant is the shower! 

Venice - by far the best night's sleep I got - that bed in the gondola was so comfy!!!
Treasure Island - what a COOL room!  Pieces of Eight laying around, the tv in the crow's nest, and the steering wheel that you could spin.  What fun!

My garden is growing and producing like crazy - 

 And my Auntie is making these yummy crocheted flowers I am selling for her!  Sorry some of these photos are sideways!

And here are some of the most recent cards and layouts I've made:
These use mostly BoBunny, CTMH, and KaiserCraft - there are a few other bits there, too - and the flowers from Aunt Donna.

15 Minutes of Fame

 Nathanael's 4th Birthday

 The Kindergarten Train
 Mother's Day
 Saddle Up, Boys!
A few details . . .
 God's Timing is Perfect
 Close Up on that one.

Thanks for taking the time to look!  :D 

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