Friday, April 20, 2007

And Now the Waiting . . .

Yeah, I applied for SG's DT again this year. I think it will be nice if I make it, but mostly, I just hope they make announcements kindly, responsibly, and professionally this year. So many people, including myself, were hurt by things last year. I think there were even people who left last year because of it. I know I almost did. And it left a lot of us feeling "less than adequate." I know a lot of ladies who tried out and would have been fine not making it, just to have a note saying "We have sent out invitations to those we are hoping will accept a spot on our team. thank you for applying, and if things change we will be sure to make other contacts." or something like that, just so people weren't waiting and waiting for some kind of reply. Even I would have been happy with a "thanks for applying, you weren't one of the selections" and leave it at that. I don't wish to be in their place -- it must be terribly hard to make selections! And I'm sure they really get a lot of applications with tons of great work. I hope they don't choose people that we don't even know this year, and even though the new rules say people have to post regularly, I hope they don't allow people with, say, 18 posts to join, just because there stuff is good. I mean, they haven't a track record, and honestly, I can't even tell you much about at least half of last year's DT, nor could I name them all, because they haven't even participated. they came, they got free kits, they left. I'm hoping that doesn't happen again . . . and as a side note, I *do* hope I make it! LOL!

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