Monday, April 16, 2007

Baby Boy

My littlest one is bringing me such joy right now. He just started crawling last night and today he is trying to money-walk. Silly guy! He woke me up this morning playing peek-a-boo over the edge of the crib. He was completely delighted that I woke up just to play with him. He makes all my weariness go away! The other 2 kids adore him, and he returns this adoration as well. What a sweetie. I know there are times when I'm tired and worn out. I know I complain at times. But really, this is what I always wanted in life. To be a mom. And now I am. Training them up in the way they should go, homeschooling them, playing on the floor and coloring with them, even fixing their meals and tucking them in each day. These are the joys in life. And getting through the talking back, I hate my dinner, and constant bickering just means that I can enjoy it more when I don't have to listen to those things anymore! LOL! Won't the house be quiet! :shock:

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